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Our contribution for
a clean planet

Solutions for a clean energy production

The energy source of the future: Your ROOF

SOLTEQ -SolarRoofs

One Roof - three functions:

1. Weatherproof roofing

2. Electricity

3. Heating and hot water

... and all with aesthetics and ZERO CO2

Solarstrom vom Dach

Your energy source of the future - Your Roof 

Electricity and heating for zero costs and zero CO2 emmissions

Energy efficient

for maximum energy

It fulfills 3 main functions:
1. Weatherproof roofing
2. Electricity
3. Heating and hot water

Up to 100% self-sufficiency

Climate neutral

for 100% climate protection

Electricity with ZERO CO2
Heating with ZERO CO2

SOLTEQ ensures that your home is always pleasant and warm.
... without the need for gas or oil.

Made for generations

Lifespan: >> 80 years

SOLTEQ Energy Roofs are made up of high quality, prismatic, toughened
glass PV roof tiles and incorporating
only the best solar cells available on the market. A SOLTEQ SolarTile  do not age, do not rot, do not yellow and are
frost proof. Made for a long liefetime.

Calculate your SolteQ SolarRoof

Choose the tile you want and configure your new SOLTEQ SolarRoof

With just one click you get an indicated price

Pays itself

A SOLTEQ solar roof is not a money issue.
It is an investment!

We make sure that you save and earn money right from the start,
instead of spending it.
The SolteQ solar roof will not cost you anything at the end of the month!

Extra guarranties

Excellent guarantees

With your new SOLTEQ solar roof you have a carefree life. 

20 years
Warranty for Material

SOLTEQ gives a 20-year warranty on the material of the  
solar tiles and shingles.
Pls. ask for Warranty terms.

40 years
Performance Warranty

SOLTEQ warrants the performance
of the tiles on the basis that their
output in 40year’s time will still be
80% of their output today.

80 years lifespan and more

Here at SOLTEQ we use only carefully selected,
top quality materials In the production of our roof
tiles. We use high-quality glass, silicon, and premium
PV cells which ensure we have a product
that can withstand the test of time, does not deteriorate
and is resistant to harsh environment’s
extreme temperature changes for the lifetime
of the product. The SOLTEQ Energy Roof is best
roof money can buy.

30 years
Spare Parts Guarantee

SOLTEQ guarantees to support your roof
purchase by ensuring that replacement
parts will be available for at least
30 years from the date of purchase.

20 years warranty
on the sealing rubbers

Some product variants have sealing rubbers
for waterproofing and to absorb
mechanical movements and shock loadings.
SolteQ provides a 20-year warranty
on the sealing function of rubber seals.

50 years
Rain Safety Guarantee

We guarantee that our roof tiles will be rainproof for
50 years, provided that no mechanical damage has
taken place. In reality the rain protection and durability
of our roofs will be well in excess of 50 years. The
glass we use is very high quality, low in iron oxide, low
in oxygen, does not absorb moisture and is therefore
frost-proof. The glass is also toughened to ensure that
our roofs are both strong and robust for the lifetime of
the product.

SOLTEQ SolarRoofs

The Energy source of the future: your Roof
Find out more by getting in touch with SolteQ today.
The team are only a click call away! 


SOLTEQ is partner of the craft.
SOLTEQ Solar Roofs are made to be installed by the local roofing partner.
Please apply, we are looking for dealer partners.



SOLTEQ products are engineered in Germany, made in Germany 
Alle required certifications and aproovals have been made.
Double: a) as a solar product, and b) as a roofing product.


SOLTEQ Solar Roofs are made for storm.
All SOLTEQ products are made in house.  No far east production, not even as part.
SOLTEQ's line is to keep quality and production in our own hands. 

SOLTEQ United Kingdom

Phil Willman
14A Main Street,Cockermouth,Cumbria CA13 9LQ.
phone: (+44) 1900 515130 

SOLTEQ South + East Africa

Phil Willman
43 Windlass Way,
West Beach, Bloubergrant,
7441, Cape Town, South Africa.  
phone: (+27) 21 300 2983

SOLTEQ West Africa 

Yahaya Ahmet
phone: (+234) 808 442 4356